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You may have heard the statistical probability of divorce - that 50% of all marriages end in divorce - but you certainly didn’t expect to be part of that statistic! We are sorry that you find yourself considering that prospect. If counseling will possibly work - and there are some good counselors out there - by all means try that first. If counseling is not feasible, then the best we can tell you about your future is this: for most people approximately 1 year after the divorce decree enters they find that they feel better about themselves and their situation.


We know it is hard at this point to imagine that is so, but experience tells us it is. By that time, you will have learned that despite its disruption and disappointments, divorce is not the end of your life, nor your enjoyment of it. It is a passage - (mind you, it is a rough passage, sometimes in very stormy seas) - but you can and will weather it. You just need an experienced hand to steer the ship. That’s where your choice of a lawyer comes in.

laptop guyWhat you need to do is hire a knowledgeable, capable, experienced attorney. Although it may surprise you, your case is going to end up with a better result and your passage will be easier, if your spouse hires the same caliber of attorney. There is little worse for our client than having a lawyer on the other side that creates unreasonable expectations of winning or losing on an issue. The pursuit of realistic expectations avoids unnecessary financial and emotional costs to both sides. While you most definitely need an advocate, you need one that also has common sense.

People sometimes have a concern that their spouse’s attorney has a reputation of being “meaner than a junk yard dog,” “tougher than nails,” “a giant killer,” or of being “just plain mean.” We have some good news for you. Neither your attorney, nor your judge (or your mediator or arbitrator if you use one), is going to let anyone brow beat you. There is no place for the Rambo lawyer in a divorce case. Both spouses are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, and both sides are entitled to a fair result. That is what you have a right to expect from the judicial official deciding your case, and the attorneys involved in your case.

So, you ask us: ”if you are not willing to start with an attitude of ‘take my spouse for everything he or she has,’ why should I hire you?“ Our answer: You shouldn’t, unless after meeting with us, you decide that we are capable, knowledgeable, and experienced, and that we are willing to take the time necessary to understand your point of view, return your telephone calls, and most importantly, that we will be committed to put forth our best efforts to protect and pursue your interests. If that is the sort of lawyer you are looking for, then we welcome the opportunity to meet with you, to explain the divorce process, answer your questions, and advise you regarding your specific circumstances.

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